Top 5 things beginners need to remember during mob farming in Minecraft

There are so many ways to farm in Minecraft, from manual to automatic farms to crop or mob farms.

When it comes to farming Minecraft mobs, there is plenty to choose from. When killed, each mob in Minecraft provides players with different items. These items have their uses and benefits.

Farming allows players to collect mass amounts of items from mobs in a concentrated manner. It can be immensely beneficial to have these farms in the Minecraft world to create a near-infinite supply of items. Mob farms are considered an essential aspect of survival play.

Minecraft farming tips for beginners

5) Feed animals well

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Mob farms, especially manual animal farms, require lots of attention. Minecraft players cannot sit around and wait for their animals to breed if they want fast results. Players will have to keep up with their animals.

Animals can be bred by feeding two or more of them their preferred food item. Since the animals will be killed to collect their item drops, players must ensure that there are plenty of animals being bred so that the supply does not run low.

For maximum item collection, in the long run, players are recommended to feed their animals twice the number at which they are killed.

4) Location convenience

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

When creating mob farms, players should measure the distance of the farm in from their home base. The farms should be located close enough so that it is convenient to collect items.

At the same time, farms should also be a considerable distance away from a player’s base. If the mob farms are too close to a player’s home, they will hear a cacophony of animal noises anytime they’re in their base.

This disastrous amalgamation of sound can not only be incredibly annoying, but it can also cause extreme issues with game speed. Mob noises can always be turned off, but that can cause issues for players when they are elsewhere in the Minecraft world, especially with hostile mobs who can sneak up on a player.

Players should find a location for their farms with a good balance between close to home but far enough. It is also helpful to keep different farms near each other for convenience when farming. Mobs farms should not be combined. But if they’re all close enough to each other, the player might find the proximity advantageous when collecting items.

3) Don’t over do it

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Too many mobs in one area will easily cause crazy lag for those without massively powered computers. Farming many different mobs at once requires a healthy distance between each farm.

Minecraft players should pick a spot on their map to farm mobs with plenty of easily accessible surface areas to be safe. If necessary, players might also want to separate their mob farms by category. For example, players could keep hostile mob farms in one section of their Minecraft world, while farm animals could be in another general location.

2) Storage is everything

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

When farming in Minecraft, items will pile up quickly, perhaps faster than a player might expect. Farms are great for infinite supplies of items. However, it can easily become overwhelming to hoard all of these goods. For this reason, no mob farm is complete without immense storage to accompany it.

Chests are best friends with Minecraft farmers. Each farm that a player has would most likely benefit from at least one large chest to accompany it. After a while, players might find that their farms need even more storage. To help with this, building a barn or shed is recommended. Any building that will act as a place to store the farmed items will prove immensely convenient.

1) Go automatic

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Although beginners typically do not bother with creating automatic mob farms, it may prove to be well worth it in the end. Although it may seem intimidating at first, these creations are not as complicated as one might think.

There are plenty of tutorials online provided by the Minecraft community to help other players excel in automatic farming, including this linked article.

Plus, many manual farms can easily be converted into automatic farms. In this article, players can follow an easy farm build that starts as a manual farm and then has the option of shifting into an automatic one.

Whether to farm manually or automatically is completely up to a Minecraft player and their preferences. However, it has been conclusively proven that automatic farms provide more items than manual farms.

Players can check out the following video for a deeper insight into XP farming:

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